To given any business or individual the opportunity

To go online without Killing the BANK.


We have seen many Business ideas, Start-up Businesses and small Businesses suffer and struggle when it comes to taking their Idea, Project or Business online and successfully maneuver the online journey!

I hear you Ask Why?

This industry can be a interesting place to wonder for the unwary or uneducated in the IT space.

I some times use simple picture words to explain what I mean by the below story.

“Your at the Beach and you have just purchased Fish and Chips and you sit down and open up your meal and can’t wait to enjoy your feast when in the corner of your eye you see seagulls circling and flying around you, it started with one then within minutes there are Ten or Twenty of them flying around and now they are getting brazen and trying to swoop your Meal…!”

That is how the Web Design and IT industry can seem ant it’s because of the competition and its getting more competitive and aggressive and be aware that more then 70% of these consultants or businesses are Offshore in India, China, Philippians so you understand why now?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against outsourcing Work.


So what happens lots of people and businesses exploit the unwary people and business owners by simply baffling people with acronyms, information overload and B.S. just to get the person to SAY

To Hell with it… Its all too hard…. just do it !!!!

Which we think is Just Not ON!  Business is Relationships not just $$$

What our Goal at Go2WebGuru’s is to make this process Simple, educational, rewarding and priced to fit your budget

(What ever that is?…… You hear us Correctly!)

We are happy to talk to a prospective client and discuss options for them and give guidance for their project, so they can be realistic also and we keep  these thing in mind:

  1. What we recommend and Deliver has to be able to grow with You.
  2. It has to Look Professional
  3. Has to reflect your ideas and Busienss
  4. Has to feel like it is you
  5. Has to be delivered on Time
  6. It has to Fit your Budget

We have also simplified the whole ordeal from Start to when you have a WebSite and how to keep it current and secure and not cost you an Arm and a Leg!

Try us out and Have a chat and see if we do what we say we can?

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