What Product is for YOU?

The Million Do$$ar Question?

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This is the most commonly asked question when I talk to Clients our People on the Street.

What is right for me and what do I need?

The first thing I say to them let me ask you a few question and then we can Pin Point what would be best for you in your current circumstances.

Here are the Question you’ll need to Answer:

  • Your Research Time – Identify 3-4 of your competitors and see their WebSites
  • Your Research Time – What are you Selling, what is your niche?
  • Your Research Time – Who are your clients and Where do they live online and off-line?
  • What is my Business Story and Why me not my competitors?

About My Idea:

  • Do I Want to Sell Products online?
  • What type of WebSite do you I Like?
  • Do I Want Social Media integration?
  • Do I have content to give my Web Designer?
  • Do I need someone to write the Content for you?
  • Do I have Photos I want to use?
  • Do I want someone to source photos for me (Pay or Free)?
  • What budget do I have to play with?


  • How will I get people to my WebSite?
  • Will I need to Setup a FaceBook Business page
  • Will I need to Setup other Social Media pages
  • Will I have a Blog?
  • Will I have Video or Video marketing?
  • How will I build my client list?

Once you have these question clear in your mind we can start discussing what you will need now and what you will need to grow into as your business grows.

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Why do you have a WebSite?

I hear you Say to Sell my Products or Services, Right?

Yes but NO!  The main reason you get a WebSite is for edification and legitimacy to show prospects that you actually have a Shop front or reception for your Busienss your not a backyard-er or a Fly by night operator.

Prospects and Client want to deal with legitimate businesses.

Truth about WebSites?

I bet you’ve heard “Build it and they will come ?” the age of that on the internet died about 20+ years ago!

The Truth about getting traffic to your WebSite it requires work and a marketing strategy to make it successful.

So if you expect to build a WebSite and get people to it without doing anything, Then you will be better not even building a WebSite and enjoy the money you’ve saved buying a few extra bottles of Wine and enjoy yourself.


Truth and Current Trends for getting SALES online?

The new trend for online conversion marketing and sales funnels has changed in the last few years.

Now days the guys that are killing it online with SALES are not driving people to their WebSite they are driving them to Specific Niche Pages (or Landing pages) that are copy written in such a way to collect prospects details and secondary to SELL.

There is a specific formula and Science that Conversion Marketers use and its not like the old days you just advertise and send them to your site and hope they will buy from you, these days every dollar spend and traffic has to be targeted and evaluated.  You need to know all the statistics so you can improve your marketing.


This can be done as simply as a landing page with some smarts on the back-end to using high end CRM and Sales Funnel software but that will depend on your Skills, involvement, resources and Budget!

Sales Funnel and landing page - Software Greenrope
Sales Funnel and landing page – Software Greenrope

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